Student ministry

The teenage years can be the most difficult.  As a parent, you're trying your best to guide them into making wise decisions.  We want to be another voice in your child's life; a voice saying the same things you're saying at home. 


1. We were created to pursue an authentic relationship with our Creator. 

2. We were created to discover that we belong to Jesus Christ, and define who we are by what He says. 

3. We were created to demonstrate God’s love every day to a broken world.

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For any information about our student ministry please email our Student Pastor at


Students gather together in The Attic at 9:45am for Bible Study. We currently have three small groups: Middle School Guys

(6th-8th grade), Middle School Girls (6th-8th grade), and High School Co-Ed (9th-12th grade).  There are two adult leaders per group that lead their groups the entire school year.  This allows these adults the best opportunity to develop relationships with the students within their groups, and provides the students with consistent adult mentors they can build trusting relationships with as well.

* All our adult leaders are background checked and approved by our pastors.


Every Wednesday at 6 PM, our students, grades 6th-12th, meet in The Attic for student-led worship, and teaching that applies the truth of God's Word to the everyday world of a teenager.